A Quality City

The city of Karmiel lies on the main road between Akko and Safed, in the heart of the Beit Kerem Valley. To the north are the mountains of the Northern Galilee and to the South – the mountains of the Lower Galilee. The city is 35 km. from Tiberius, 22 km. from Akko and 45 km. from Haifa. Karmiel encompasses an area of 24,000 dunam.
Karmiel is 250 meters above sea level in the heart of breathtaking landscape. The climate in Karmiel is dry, breezy and comfortable. There is 55% humidity from April to October and 65-70% humidity from November to March.
The first residents arrived in Karmiel in September 1964. Today the city has a population of 50,000, made up of about 15,000 families. According to the master plan, the population of Karmiel will reach 120,000.
Karmiel was built according to a master plan which fixed its development in advance.
The city has developed gradually, according to its master plan: the Founder’s Neighborhood was established during the years 1964 – 1978; the Southern Neighborhood during the years 1970 – 1978; the Western Neighborhood from 1980 – 1983; the Galilee Neighborhood was developed during the years 1992 – 1995; Sagi Neighborhood from 1990 – 1993; Givat Ram from 1991 – 1998. Ramat Rabin was established in 1996; Givat Makosh and the Irisim Neighborhood were built during 1984 – 1998. Now ground is being broken for a new neighborhood on Mount Carmi – the Rahavam Neighborhood.
The layout of Karmiel is unique and modern , with continuous activity to keep the city clean. The residents enjoy high quality municipal services. There is complete separation of residential areas and industrial areas.
Each neighborhood is an independent unit with its own educational institutions, synagogue and shopping center, thus ensuring the peace of mind of the residents and pedestrians in the various neighborhoods.
The design of the city is unique and modern. There are 1,700 dunam of intensive landscaping (high level landscaping), with 70 parks and gardens, tree lined avenues, playgrounds and sports fields, and excellent lighting.


There are now 50,000 residents in Karmiel, comprising about 15,000 homes. The average age in Karmiel is 39, which points to a relatively young population.
From the beginning of 1990 Karmiel has absorbed about 20,000 immigrants, most of them from the Soviet Republic. In addition during this time an equal number of families from other parts of Israel have moved to Karmiel in order to improve the quality of life.
Many of Karmiel's residents are from the "founding families", a fact which attests to roots and a love of the city.
About 60% of the residents are native Israelis and veteran immigrants.
About 40% of the residents are immigrants from 75 countries around the world.

Housing and quality of life

Karmiel offers varied styles and sizes of housing for sale by the different contractors. Those deemed eligible by the Ministry of Housing can get mortgages according to the Ministry criteria.
The Municipality of Karmiel insists on a standard of living that is higher than the average standard in the country. Karmiel has been awarded many national prizes: first prize for quality of living, the Kaplan Prize for management, the prize for road safety, the Kaplan Prize for immigration absorption. Since 1997 Karmiel has been awarded 5 stars for beauty in a competition for a beautiful Israel. The city also is annually awarded the Minister of the Interior Prize for Financial Management.

Services in Karmiel

All of the services and commercial establishments a resident needs in his day to day life can be found in Karmiel: major food chains, offices, restaurants, gas stations, banks, taxi stands and other services.

Government and Local Offices

The National Employment Service, Ministry of Absorption, Post Office, National Insurance, Amigur, the Police, Absorption Center for New Immigrants, Ministry of the Interior, the Electric Company, Bezek, the major banks, Internal Revenue Service, the Labor Council, and the Israel Land Authority all have representatives or offices in Karmiel.
Medical services are provided by the four Health Clinics (Clalit, Macabbi, Leumi, and Meuhedet). There is a professional clinic with x-ray machines, ambulatory services, specialized doctors, etc.
Dental Clinics for children, psychological counseling for children, eye clinics and private clinics.
The Religious Council is responsible for the religious activities in Karmiel.
The women’s organizations: Wizo, Naamat, Hadassah and the Local Women’s Council.