From The Mayor

Dear Readers,
Karmiel is glad to have you visit our web site and hope you will enjoy your visit.
The age of on-line information invites the surfers to expected and unexpected experiences while enriching the scope of knowledge.
Many of us use the internet as a tool for work, helping us improve and make the services we provide more effective.
Karmiel's site gives you a "taste" of what is going on in this unique city, to waken your appetite to come and visit.
Karmiel was established in 1964, became a city in 1986 and is now the largest central city in the heart of the Galilee.
The excellent quality of life is one of the outstanding characteristics of the city, as well as the clear, Galilee mountain air and the special ambience which surrounds the city.
This ambience is expressed in daily life, and especially during the Karmiel Dance Festival which takes place annually in July for three enchanted days and nights.
Through this web site you can link to various institutions in the city and get an impression of what is being done.
We invite you to surf and visit Karmiel.
Adi Eldar